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This site is a testing ground for trying out various WEB technologies.

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Latest News

New experiment (16-12-2016)

Using the Heroku Platform. I have set sails to develop a full stack implementation of my old time control app. The stack I will use is React (Redux) for the UI, express as api layer and Heroku Postgress as data store.

I would have preferred trying out REDIS, but the current Heroku plan did not provide any backup of the free REDIS instances, so a restart of the REDIS node would wipe all data.


Time to REACT

New experiment to get a full stack using React, Express and Postgress.

Time Control

Simple Angular 1 app that keeps track of time usage on different tasks during the day. The app uses clock entries instead of decimal hours as most time registration apps


Alternative presentation tool to display keywords on a projector while giving a talk. Displays the keywords in random sizes and directions

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